At the request of Liz Borstein of Muse172, I’ve recorded a short podcast on Avvaiyar:

Here is the video clip I mention in the podcast. It comes from my show, “By Heart: A Celebration of Words, Magic, and Memory.”

If you wish to go straight to the Avvaiyar poem itself, forward to 3:46.

Finally, here is a PDF of the introduction to Give, Eat, and Live, written by my Tamil teacher Dr. K. V. Ramakoti, Ph.D. It provides an excellent overview of Avvaiyar’s place in Tami literature, and of the Tamil wisdom-teaching tradition more generally.

Introduction by Dr. K. V. Ramakoti.

You can find more information about Give, Eat, and Live by clicking on the following links:

Give, Eat, and Live: Poems of Avvaiyar / Red Hen Press

Give, Eat, and Live: Poems of Avaiyar / Powell’s Books