“Tom celebrates the intrigue of language, bringing well-loved and original poetry to life and weaving his magician’s skill into each poem or story. He invites the children to dive into language and enter into spellbound realms of possibility. In my many years of teaching young people, I have not seen a better way to enliven their imaginations or bring the magic of poetry directly to them. Indeed, Tom is a master of the Poet’s magic.”

Merna Ann Hecht, Teaching Artist, Award-Winning Storyteller, Arts Educator

“Tom Pruiksma is a magical poet, and a poetic magician. His dances with words, images, and magic tricks made my momentous 60th birthday celebration come alive for everyone there. He’s a consummate host, a wonderful poet, a surprising magician, and a creative in-the-moment improviser.”

Stephen Silha, Director, The Big Joy Project

“Tom’s shows are delightful. Magic is a wonderful vehicle for instilling in students of all ages a love of poetry. As an observer, I have witnessed on children’s faces looks of awe and wonder and a delight in the poetic words Tom recites while escaping from a rope or making quarters appear out of nowhere. I highly recommend Tom’s performance for any level of students—teachers and kids alike have told me how much they loved watching him, and taking part in his poetic magic.”

Jeanine Walker, Program Manager, Writers in the Schools, Seattle Arts & Lectures

“Tom delighted our students with story and magic throughout the performance. The show was very interactive and held the attention of everyone. ”

Martin Schmidt, Superintendent, Skykomish School

“What a fantastic program today!  Thank you very much for making it so fun and engaging and educational, all at the same time.”

King Michele McLaughlin, Teen Services Librarian, King County Library System

“Thank you for your two tremendous presentations at FamilyLink in March. A Bequest of Wings and The Poet’s Magic provided a perfect opportunity for students, parents and staff to get a taste of poetry from the inside out.

“Parents, students and staff have shared with us how your visit affected their daily lives. Reading poetry at night before bedtime, carrying a journal to write down poetic thoughts when a scene is moving, reading favorite poet’s poems out loud during a consultation meeting, collecting four years of poetry to show one’s emotional development throughout high school are all examples of how influential your presentations have been and continue to be to us. . . .

“Thank you again and again.”

Nan Hammett, Julie Hanger, and the entire Link Staff, FamilyLink & StudentLink, Vashon Island, Washington

“I knew that Tom could sing and perform magic but I had no idea that he was an outstanding poet as well. At the March 23rd show I saw an extraordinary performance with a large room full of spell-bound spectators. As people of all ages became actively involved, I realized this was a rare, eclectic and brilliant performance. Tom is a unique, multi-talented performer. ”

May Gerstle, audience member at the premier of “By Heart

“I was transfixed with Tom’s performance in ‘By Heart.’ His stage presence, the lighting, the magic tricks, the poetry and songs were all entwined in a wonderfully entertaining experience. It was a totally enjoyable afternoon.”

Cyndie Scott, audience member at the premier of “By Heart

“We love Tom Pruiksma’s magic shows! He has performed for the children of our church several times. The kids are always thrilled when he performs. They learn valuable lessons and magic tricks too. His shows are captivating, thought provoking and inclusive. As a coordinator, I especially like how Thomas is always well-prepared, thoughtful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend him for your next special event.”

Rebecca Schmidt, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, University Congregational United Church of Christ

“Our guest speaker inspired me and made me realize how powerful the words of poetry can be. . . . When our guest recited a poem entitled ‘Tonight I can write the Saddest Lines,’ my heart slowed. This poem is so beautiful and moving and with his help I was able to understand the meaning behind it.”

University of Washington Student, Tacoma Campus

“Thank you so much for sharing your ‘Poet’s Magic’ at the Bookshop. It’s such a wonderful mix, the wonder of the magic and the thoughtfulness and peace of the poetry.

“Thank you for letting us be a part of it.”

Nancy Katica and Morgan Guion, Owners, The Vashon Bookshop

“It was magical to see you do your enchantment with things appearing and disappearing, words filling the air, all of us dazzled.”

Wendy Lustbader, Author of Life Gets Better: The Unexpected Pleasures of Growing Older